as an animator, new simpsons is so painful to watch

the fist shaking is especially disgusting

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Concept Art from Prince of Egypt (1998)

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The Art of Spirited Away

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The Art of Marc Davis

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David Gilson is a French Artist. In 2007, over being excited for Disney’s Black Princess, he created a plethora of wonderful artwork in anticipation. 

Many of them created during earliest production in which the film was then titled The Frog Princess and the heroine was named Maddy the chambermaid. These works since have been passed around as if they were conceptual artwork during production. In part for being well done and existing a year prior to any real art released to the press and public. 

As The Princess and The Frog hops towards five years since theatrical release, it it time to identify these great works of art as they are, fan art.

The right column showcases the beautiful pieces by Disney Artists. David Gilson’s fan artwork is used often when talking about natural hair for Tiana. Lorelay Bové, Sue Nichols, Chris Appelhans, Armand Baltazar and Kevin Gollaher have drawn natural hair in their concept art and unfortunately that aspect did not make it to realization.

David was contracted by Disney Publishing and Disney Consumer Products for Tangled in 2010. Hey, who knows maybe all the attention to his Tiana art landed him the job. We wish him the best in all his artistic endeavors!

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Chris Sanders’ “Sanders’ Style Surfin’”

I NEED THIS BOOK!!! so gawj. sanders you so stylin

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ATTENTION ARTISTS: Need help calculating your commission prices?



A tool that I’ve found is really handy is a called the Cash Clock. It’s a simple program that measures both the time that you’re working on a piece as well as how much money you should be earning. You can adjust the hourly wage to whatever you feel is…

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The Lion King | Chris Sanders

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This movie told me “fuck college”

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